About me

Hi! I’m Seppo.

I work in the information technology industry, on many kinds of projects. My current pet peeves are in networking and firewalls, but I also indulge myself with cars and electronics. Owning older cars (currently just a 1988 Toyota Celica GTFour (ST165)), sometimes forces me to do things out of the box, due to the lack of availability of parts (I’m looking at you Toyota and your ABS sensors on this old Celica).

As I have had some spare time in my hands, I also decided to apply to a local University back in early 2016, Metropolia UAS to be specific. I got in to the english language engineering program, and thus far, it’s been great. Considering it’s my final year and I’ve got a nice stack of ECTS points done already, there’s only so little (or so much) to do to graduate. Then, who knows.

But in short, I’m currently 37 – so a bit old to be studying, but I think I’ve got the head for it. Loving maths, physics (with the right teacher) and (by the looks of it) electronics. A more recent discovery of myself is the fact that I feel that I’ve got the capability to do some coding. This has been reflected by doing the whole 10 ECTS points version of the Java, after with I got motivated to do the Helsinki University Fullstack Open course, as well as the DevOps course.

Brands I’ve learned to love (and sometimes hate) – Toyota, HPe Servers and switches, Cisco networking gear, Watchguard, Gentoo and CentOS (specifically version 6, there is a definite love/hate relationship with 7).

I occasionally game and might just stream games or something else on twitch and save these streams on youtube.

You can also find me lurking on IRC with the nick Icedman, mainly on the main channel (#p2p-net) of irc.p2p-network.net.