Upgrading my system

How does it perform?

After updating the BIOS on the motherboard (P2.50) and installing a fresh Windows 10 Build 1703 on the new NVMe SSD, the first benchmark I did was CrystalDiskMark – the perfomance difference to the old Samsung Evo 850 (1 TB) was amazing (settings for CrystalDiskMark are 9 runs, 8GiB size – left picture is the new NVMe drive, right picture is the old 850 Evo):

Next I did some comparisons (via Futuremark website and old benchmarks on 3DMark Firestrike):

From left to right, the setups are (with links to the results):

While the Graphics score doesn’t change much, the difference in the Physics Score (and combined test) is massive – from 7458 to 17588, it’s an improvement of 135.83% over the larger physics score, with combined test improving 79.98% over the better comparison.

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