Upgrading my system


The case I’m using is my Antec P280, which is an older case, but has worked for me for quite some time. First exterior pictures of the case:

Old internals (including a HPe SmartArray P410 that got removed from use permanently – also, really nice cable management, am I right or what?):

And the internals (after the previous hardware had been removed and dusty as fuck):

The good thing is, that I didn’t have to move any of the motherboard stands, suited perfectly fine moving from Asrock 970 Extreme4 to Asrock x370 Fatal1ty Gaming K4 – this made seating the motherboard a bit faster. The most difficult part on installing the new motherboard was trying to fit my hands above the CPU cooler when putting the screws and cables into place.

A picture after the motherboard was seated into place:

And after reinstalling the R9 290 with doing some cable management:

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